Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 19th 1948: Jerusalem Divided

On May 19th, 1948,  Jerusalem began to fall to the Jordanians in Israel's war of Independence. King Abdulla of Jordan ordered Glubb Pasha, commander of the Arab Legion, to enter Jerusalem two days earlier on May 17th. Perhaps the heaviest fighting of the war of independence took place during the battle for Jerusalem and surrounding areas from May 19th to the 28th when it was conquered by the Jordanians. All of the Jews living in the eastern section of Jerusalem -the whole of the old city- including the Jewish quarter were expelled. However Jerusalem would later be reconquered by The Israeli Army in June of 1967, and be declared the united capital of Israel in a Basic Law in 1980 by Prime Minister Menachem Begin. (Source - in part: Jewish Virtual Library)

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